Jukebox Radio is for all of us who grew up when radio was King and when we listened to almost every word and note from it every day. We grew up with it and grew old with it. DJs actually entertained us, the comedy shows made us laugh and the stories and dramas played with our imaginations. We could phone up the station and even the national broadcasters seemed local to us.

With Jukebox radio you get the added bonus of choosing the music yourself for most of the day, and it gets played as soon as we can fit it in. Unlike some stations that ask you to email in your requests, and it gets played (or ignored) whenever they feel like it, Jukebox Radio instantly places every request into a queue and it gets played during The Request Show in the order that they came in. Just like a giant jukebox.

You can request a song at any time during the day, to be played during The Request Show, by visiting our Request Page or by using the ‘Request Here’ popup at the top-right of every page. Why not give it a go now?



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