Sugar Rush Mixes

With over 30 years of DJ-ing experience under my belt, including mobile, club and radio across the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia, Sugar Rush Mixes aims to bring the atmosphere of the great era of discos and parties to a wider audience. A time when the disco in the transit van ruled, when the DJ brought light screens, mirror balls, par 38 spotlights and smoke machines. When your back ached from carrying record boxes and equipment upstairs, through halls and onto stages because you couldn’t park close enough to where you were supposed to set up. When you either went home with a tray of sausage rolls and curled-up sandwiches left over from the buffet table or drove around to find a late night Kentucky Fried Chicken or a service station open for an early breakfast. Or even both. When a DJ worked hard for his money, used a mic all night, entertained and flicked through records at speed to find the right one to play before the one playing ended.  When your excuse for not wanting to play a request because you knew it would kill the dancefloor was, “Sure, if I can find it I’ll put it on”. When people struggled to find a good DJ who was available, never imagining that in years to come all his efforts would be reduced to pushing a few buttons on a laptop making anyone a ‘DJ’. Yeah, I miss those days.

While you will see that the emphasis of the majority of the mixes offered echo that era, we still cater to newer tastes as well. Whether the aim is to use these mixes for your own DJ-ing, buy them for a party, or just to listen to yourself, we hope you enjoy them. I used to listen to the radio to and from a gig, blasting from the stereo and extra speakers fitted in my own transit van. It was a great way to both get in the mood for the evening ahead and to wind down on the way home. You’ll also find that my tastes are rather eclectic and you may hear something you wouldn’t normally think of playing.

The purchase of these mixes gives you permission to store the MP3 files on your computer, copy, move or burn them onto CD. Due to copyright issues though, you don’t have permission to edit them or claim them as your own. Sorry, just stating the legals.

That’s it…. enough chat…. go and enjoy the music.


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